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I know I’m not alone in this because every time I mention dating to my single female friends I’m met with an emphatic ‘Oh my god, I know!

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been on dates, slept together, or met their flipping mum.

For some, it just seems like the other person is still just some pixels on a screen. More than ever I’ve noticed that people have more of a blase attitude about cheating. Look, I’m not saying cheating or acting like a general d*ckhead is new. I’ve dipped my toe in the dating pool to see what’s out there and have some drinks with attractive and interesting men.

And every time I was met with an eye roll and a diatribe about how ‘awful’ they were and how many ‘weirdos’ were on there. But in reality I’d had a pretty drama-free overall experience with dating apps. My experience with dating generally involved a couple of weeks of messages, then a series of successful dates which naturally turned into relationships.

Needless to say, my dalliance with dating this time around has been a little different.

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