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You got traffic for Mingle2, the dating site, through search engine optimization. Why would someone who knows so much about SEO just push it aside?

: I think the real strength that I had with SEO wasn’t really the technical aspects of SEO itself.

First, do you want to build a web app that interacts with phones? A few months ago, the founders of Group Me used Twilio to build a group texting service.

According to CNN, the company raised million in funding and is now believed to be worth million.

The whole goal of his site is SEO.” I haven’t done SEO in two years. This stuff just keeps staying out there and keeps growing or keeps getting talked about.

Here I’ve got someone who has mastered it and has intentionally pushed it aside to focus on other things. What about some simple search engine optimization tactics, like with Mingle2, you created quizzes that people could embed the results of on their websites and right underneath it, you’d have text that linked back to your site with the right anchor text.

So I get traffic for that from people who are searching for the word “semicolon.” But that wasn’t the goal.

I didn’t decide, oh, I’m going to rank for semicolons and build a business on it.

If I create a new comic, what’s going to make it successful isn’t going to be if someone Googles the word “dinosaur” or “bear with indigestion” and finds it.

So, yeah, it can help a little, but I consider it like 2 percent with 98 percent being the creative process.

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