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A simple Google search, Linkedin request or Facebook profile is all one needs when they feel the need to reconnect with a long-lost love. When we reconnected, we spent hours and hours talking about what our lives were like during the time we weren’t together.I asked a lot of questions, only to find out we both had similar life experiences apart.

I was convinced that I could easily replace him with an Internet mate and first started dating online in 1994 and chronicled my stories. He had been secretly watching me on Facebook and had purchased my book in search of dating advice thinking he’d be newly single and could use some help. Each rose represented one of the 16 years we had been apart. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Officer of Match and a biological anthropologist, says rekindled romances can be powerful.To make a rekindled romance work, know that you can’t pick up exactly where you left off.Both of us took the time to acknowledge the differences that took place during our time apart.Political views changed and sleeping habits differed. We chose as individuals and as a couple to remember the good things about our relationship.We now both require reading glasses that we happily share. While at first, my memories of him were of a much-younger version, in time, those became the distant memories.

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