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It also delves into the rich history of psychedelics in America, tracing the promise of the early research in the fifties and how a moral panic about LSD in the mid-sixties led to decades of suppression, just now ending.

I spend time with neuroscientists who are using psychedelics in conjunction with modern brain imaging technologies to probe the mysteries of consciousness and the self.

Insel, MD, former director of National Institute of Mental Health and co-founder and president of Mindstrong Health “A rare and utterly engrossing exposition that will most certainly delineate a fundamental change in the understanding of the human mind and the mystery of consciousness.

Pollan previously reshaped our knowledge of earthly landscapes in his writings.

I quickly became engrossed in Pollan’s narrative– the intersection of science, consciousness-enhancing, and government prohibition.

But at the center of Pollan’s story is the greatest conundrum of all– why should substances that have been so beneficial to so many people, be the focus of crazy criminal penalties?

Why, indeed.” -Errol Morris “Michael Pollan has applied his brilliant mind and fastidious prose to the Mind itself, specifically the modes by which psychedelic substances temporarily obliterate the ego and engender deep spiritual connectedness to the universe.

He did, indeed, change his mind.” -Andrew Weil, author of The Natural Mind and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health “Do psychedelics open a door to a different reality, or is it just the same-old, same-old reality seen through a different set of lenses?Pollan observes that the young have had less time to establish the cognitive patterns that psychedelics temporarily overturn.But “by middle age,” he writes, “the sway of habitual thinking over the operations of the mind is nearly absolute.” What he sought in his own trips was not communion with a higher consciousness so much as the opportunity to “renovate my everyday mental life.” “How to Change Your Mind” is a calm survey of the past, present and future.He is, to judge from his self-reporting, a giant square.In the prologue, he describes himself as someone “not at all sure he has ever had a single ‘spiritually significant’ experience,” a pretty straitened admission even for an avowed atheist.

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Along the way, he navigates the mysteries of consciousness, spirituality, and the mind.

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