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Online dating is more reliable than Grindr when it comes to beginning a serious relationship. Assuming the average student doesn’t major in this field, most universities offer single-semester classes.Ok Cupid results in a broad find of people close by, but, like most popular dating sites, it forces you to choose a gender for your profile. These classes typically comprise of members of the LGBTA community, providing a non-threatening environment to get to know similar people (leading to new friendships at the very least).How many times do you really want to hear, “Sorry, I’m straight,” before you decide to become a spinster at age 22?Let’s face it: it’s difficult to put yourself out there when it comes to dating.Like most of these tips suggest, the best way to find a date is to be active in the LGBTA community.I met my boyfriend through our college’s LGBTA center, and my “Bi–it’s not a myth” pin has raised plenty of interesting conversations.Apps for lesbians, such as Dattch or Find Hrr, are similarly effective.I dream about an app that tells me the girl nearby in the cafeteria finds me attractive, but for now Grindr and other GPS dating apps will make do. Many colleges, such as University of Maryland, Yale and Kent State, offer majors or minors in LGBT or queer studies.

If you’re one of those guys only looking for sex, maybe don’t waste space listing all your hobbies; stick to your under-the-cover interests (wink).

And if you decide to change what you’re looking for, it’s easy to change your dating app profile to reflect that.

The “about you” section is where you can go into a little more detail about yourself.

We recommend that your headline be direct without being vulgar, weird or gross. In addition to being honest and direct (always the best policy, right?

) you’ll avoid uncomfortable convos with guys looking for something different than you.

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And no, you don’t have to be the flamboyant leader of the pride parade.

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