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But while we lump all these groups together into a single acronym (i.e., "the LGBT community"), it's important to remember that each part of these acronyms represents a specific identity. "Trans folks have been at the front of the LGBTQ equality movement from the start," Monika says.

Some people find the term uncomfortable and don't like to use it; others prefer it.

“Usually only referring to sexuality, I like to use it to describe my sexuality and not my gender.

Some people, though, identify as queer rather than trans.

Even if you don’t know a trans person, you can ally.” Write an email to your state and national government officials in support of employment protections for trans folks, or talk to your family about the humanity of trans folks. Pronouns are the parts of speech we use to describe the gender of people, pets, and sometimes boats and cars (if you’re into that sort of thing).

She, he, and -- if you’re non-binary, or genderqueer -- they.

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