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Today, it is a commonly held view among pipe smokers who smoke both older and contemporary tins of Dunhill tobacco that the blends available today represent for the most part an evolution and simply are not the same blends of the past.But I do not doubt that in most cases the newer blends do represent an evolution as well, the work of skilled blenders attempting to capture the spirit of the older blend handicapped by a lack of aging and having to use different leaf.One of the last remaining pieces of the Kanakaria mosaics has been repatriated to Cyprus and was presented at a special ceremony on Monday evening at the Archbishopric in Nicosia.President Nicos Anastasiades, who was present at the ceremony, said that he had accepted the invitation to attend with “much emotion”.The second marketing effort appears to have been made in the late 1930s but I know of no tobacco blends with respect to that promotion, although there may be a possible connection to My Mixture #950 a catalog offered name blends including Orientals Mr.Alfreds Own, and Aromatic, three Virginias Babys Bottom Virginia and Babys Bottom Flake and Dark Flake (a stronger version of Flake which was renamed Light Flake), a Virginia/Perique Elizabethan, a Cavendish Golden Label (An interesting selection heavily weighted on the Latakia and matured Virginia extremes with the middle ground completely absent, a middle that includes such dearly beloved but, as of the 1990s, departed blends The effect on Dunhill blends was not immediate as Dunhill had significant supplies of Oriental on hand in various stages of its aging process, but ultimately there was no avoiding the more generalized Oriental leaf and the disappearance of Syrian Latakia.

The last buyer of the mosaic acquired it as part of a larger collection of artworks in 2010.Above all else Alfred strove for the best, thus it was only natural that a few years later, in 1912, bespoke blending took a back seat again as Alfred Dunhill introduced his first pre-packaged name blends: Royal Yacht, For when one reviews the pre tinned blends offered in the early catalogs through 1912 you find that they include the full range of what we consider today to be the English style blends, from matured Virginias such as Royal Yacht and My Mixture #288, Thus for the balance of the near century, from 1912 through 1990, we find that the keynote for Dunhill the tobacconist is refining with an increasing emphasis on generally available name blends as opposed to custom My Mixture blends.However, even from very early on most of those individual My Mixture recipes were somewhat less then bespoke and more like a custom tailored pre cut suit, that is rather then recorded in terms of raw ingredients, for the very great most part the Duke Street My Mixture Book records them as mixtures of existing blends, e.g.I suspect that such may have been the case with the Durbar blend, which was dropped from the line in the late 1960s and then in short order replaced, at least on American store shelves, with My Mixture 1066 with the explanation that it was Durbar.While this may have just been an attempt to placate customers upset over the loss of Durbar it is also possible that a lack of the correct leaf meant that Dunhill either had to drop or change the blend, and that this was their answer.

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The remains of the mosaic of the Apostle Andreas, dating from 523-530 AD, was part of a set looted from the Panayia Kanakaria church.

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