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Even though it was very busy at this time, he was able to make me a “breadless” sandwich that I could eat on my specialized diet.I have been turned away from many restaurants who would not stray from the established menu.Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get it all out? This thread was as varied as the people of the world who used it, and I thought it was worth resurrecting here, now. You’d be amazed how good it feels to share your feelings and just get it out.Have YOU ever had this experience where you had things you wanted to tell your ex, but for whatever reason you couldn’t? It may also help you to read other people’s stories, feelings, pain, emotions.I’d appreciate it…If you don’t have something specific to say to your ex you could simply share how, when and where your breakup happened.Subway was founded in 1965 by founder and former CEO Fred De Luca and Peter Buck. In 2017, the case was settled: Subway agreed to institute practices to ensure its footlongs are actually 12 inches and paid 0,000 in legal fees and 0 to each of the 10 individuals who filed suit. Today, there are almost 45,000 Subway restaurants in 112 countries worldwide.

In 2013, an Australian teenager posted on Facebook that Subway’s footlong subs were actually only 11 inches in length.

You’ll realise you’re not alone, because you’re honestly not.

Whatever it is your feeling, whoever you are, wherever you are, someone else is feeling it too.

This store should be head up to other Subways as an example of how a Subway should be run!

Reply Hello, i was at the on Seigen lane in Baton rouge La.

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