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If you’re lucky enough to be invited into a family’s ger, chances are you’ll be offered a glass of arkhi.It’s consumed cold and (if you’re smart) in one go.It was reopened in 1944 as a “show monastery” for foreign visitors, with some of the buildings used as cow sheds, and was not fully functioning for religious purposes until the 1990s when Buddhism was practiced openly again.In this respect, it's one of the country’s most important monasteries.Visit early, around 9 a.m., to witness the morning ceremony.

Despite the modern center, the outskirts of the capital, a former nomadic city that changed location three times a year, is surrounded by traditional gers (Mongolian yurts).The province is teeming with wildlife and is home to some of the country’s oldest tribes, including the Tsaatan, or reindeer people, who have a lot in common with American Indians, continuing to live in deer hide tepees rather than gers (yurts).This museum on the southern edge of Ulaanbaatar was originally built in 1893 as the Winter Palace of Mongolia’s eighth Living Buddha and last emperor.Mature golden eagles are set free to breed in the wild, with a butchered sheep to help them on their way.Known as “Gutul,” hand-sewn traditional Mongolian boots have a pointed upturned toe to prevent horse riders from getting caught in stirrups if they fall.

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