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// The second line shows one way you can get a reference to the Script Manager from // a user control. Handler as Page); // This function checks whether an Update Panel is being updated private Boolean Is Update Panel Updating(String s UPID) // This is code you can put somewhere (say within On Load handler) to make an // Update Panel A get updated even if an unrelated Update Panel B is currently being // updated.

On clicking gridview image Button Model Popup show editable data and modal Popup is in update Panel2 But when we click on any event popup is disappeared.Just realize that when one update panel on a page triggers a partial postback, all update panels will get the updating event triggered.If you have an Update Panel Animation Extender hooked up to Update Panel A, and a partial postback is triggered for an unrelated Update Panel B, both will get the updating event triggered, and the animation for Update Panel A will only run the On Updating part and not the On Updated part (so basically the animation will run half way).If I update one update panel the other is automatically updated. As the documentation of updatepanel Animation Extender says: Control Toolkit/Samples/Update Panel Animation/Update Panel On Updating - Generic animation played as when any "Add 2 update panel on page, set updatemode='conditional' for both and add load event for both updatepanel and set breakpoint for both load event and add 1 button and then add Asyn trigger for button click on 1 update panel....you will notice when you hit button, it should load only triggered update panel and 2nd one remain unchanged, but 2nd updatepanel is load event also fired" This will happen only if the button is inside the 2'nd updatepanel?

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