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By clicking the "Download" button above and installing "Software", I acknowledge I have read and agree to the Solvusoft End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.This utility updates the BD-P1400 firmware to version 2.3 Please read the firmware update instructions before updating. * Disc playability improved for new released discs. Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital Plus Transmission over the HDMI Interface 2.The player and screen are stuck and show no activity.After verifying "Do you want to upgrade this firmware version?This Firmware update provides the following benefits: 1. Improves playback compatibility * Improves playback compatibility * Improves playback compatibility * Improves playback compatibility * Improves playback compatibility * Improves playback compatibility * Improves playback compatibility in some movies. DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio Advanced Digital Out * BD-RE 2.0 / BD-R 1.0 playback support I was able to successfully burn a the disc image on my Mac using Toast 8.0.3... dragged the disc ISO onto the Toast icon and then simply burned the CD-R.

The remote control also did not operate the player at all. He said that the new Die Hard and Pirates discs would not play at all in the BD-P1400 until this upgrade. The machine has played every disc absolutely faultlessly since day one.We were able to use it but I'm not sure the actual update was performed but at least it's working - still can't play the blu-ray avatar though.pmburke00, If you've been stuck for over two hours, then attempt to remove the disc, or USB stick if you're using one of those methods for updating. Restart the unit, and immediately hold down the FF button on the player for 15 seconds, which should reset it. There's a risk of bricking the unit by doing this, but if that happens, the unit would have to be sent in for repair.Keep me posted.--HDTech I left my 1200 alone all night and it is still stuck at cd-up.Hey, I just downloaded the newest firmware upgrade of 1.5 on 01/25/08 and installed it on my BD-P1400.The player didn't operate correctly and the install didn't go as normal although it said it said it worked.

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