Updating bind serial numbers automatically

I'm trying to do it but its not working UPDATE tab1 SET seq Col = (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY Creation Date) FROM tab1 where FK_ID=6) where FK_ID=6 create temp table usign Identity column and then fill the data into this temp table. data into the temp table, now it's time to update the base table based on primary this will help you.

It sounds to me like what you need is a view with a row_number column, instead of adding a column to the actual table.

(For information on customizing the material type labels, see Configuring Physical Item Material Type Descriptions.)Only the first 256 characters of the description appear in the Primo Get It tab (in a drop-down list).

It is recommended that the description be shorter than this so that it is properly visible in the Get It tab.

When a change is made to the zone on the primary name servers, the SOA serial number is incremented and with NOTIFY configured, the secondary name servers are informed of the change.

As long as the SOA serial number on the secondary name severs is lower than the SOA serial number on the primary name servers, a zone transfer will occur.

For information about multilevel serial prediction patterns in the holdings record, see Serials - Multilevel Serial Prediction Patterns in the Holdings Record.

The barcode link (Barcode column) opens the Physical Item Editor page, which enables you to filter the list of items by status and sort according to the sort routines that were configured (see Configuring Physical Item Sort Routines).

In addition, NOTIFY must be configured to inform the secondary name server of zone changes made on the primary name servers.After a physical condition has been identified and saved with the item record, this information can be selected for publishing when publishing physical inventory and used as criteria for advanced search.When running the Change physical items job, Physical Condition is available as a parameter for changing other fields.to set an inventory number, the price is taken from the PO line, if one exists (using the currency of the PO line).You can change this to reflect the item's actual value to the library (how much it will cost to replace, for example).

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If your library already has bibliographic and holdings records for a title and you only need to add a new item (new inventory), you can use Quick Cataloging to add the new item.

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