Updating brass fixtures

I knew there was a way to bring my client’s home up-to-date without ripping out all the light fixtures and existing hardware.

Last week, we spent some time shopping for lighting and decided on this updated fixture for the entry, except we ordered it in a different finish – winter gold.

I also sprayed my doorbell (which was trimmed in brass) and my intercom box (again, BRASS! In the bathroom example, I had a lovely brass trimmed medicine cabinet. First thing I did after buying the Rustoleum Metallics in chrome was test it out on the nasty old light fixture which was also brass.. (It was actually quite reflective) Bring on the cabinet!

First up: Remove I am taking out as much needless brass to just knock down the sheer volume of the shiny metal in this place. It is a GIANT pain in the butt to bathe your kids in a tub with a door. Second: Replace I am replacing all the fixtures that are outdated and where a coat of paint just won't update it.

This includes things like faucets, switchplates and light fixtures.

It's not a permanent solution, as I really have no idea what to do with this room long-term.

One of my favorite new clients and her husband just bought a large 1970’s home with TONS of potential.

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