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Unfortunately, we hear this story quite a lot, where a customer buys a second home (which is often a cabin in a rural or remote area) or an RV, only to discover that their new place is not covered by Verizon, AT&T, or their own carrier.

So, make sure your area is included in your carrier’s coverage map before hunting for cell tower maps and locations.

We can even provide you with a version of our GIS Tower Mapping App, which would enable you to conduct your own searches.

It connects to the AT&T network using your existing office broadband service and supports up to four simultaneous users.We can also zoom in on any given tower to analyze existing vs.potential carrier collocation, capacity and coverage metrics.Specific data points (height, ownership, site type, etc.) can be queried for each individual cell site, which, when clicked on, provides identifying information that can be useful when evaluating appropriate lease rates or buyout offers.Additionally, we can can query our Tower Mapping app to show “all towers in [a given area]” or “all leases with lease rates [that exceed or are under a given amount].” Our Tower Mapping App will render a final 3D browser-based topography map, as you see here: We're happy to generate unique files of specific 3D data sets for your own use.

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