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Just wondering what's the cheapest way I can get Season 3 of Killer Instinct online?(still wondering if I should get the normal or Ultra Version) I've tried the VPN thing but it doesn't let me purchase from Brazil or HK store.Yeah, I've seen a few people report is doesn't work anymore and I've gone ahead and tried and it's worked fine.The times it hasn't worked for me, I've tried removing and re-adding my CC, updating the address to the relevant country, tried a different VPN; one of those has always sorted out the issue.I tried changing the country on my console and THEN VPNing on my phone to that country.

How can I check my accounts region in case it's accidental been changed?

I'm worried as never had an issue buying 360 games for my ONE. It was still trying to use my CC with my Argentina billing address!

lol Trying to buy Tomb Raider Digital Deluxe but failing on HK store where it appears cheapest.

Here's a list of the other Deals with Goldin case anyone is interested. :p I buy a gift card from US Microsoft Store Switch console region to United States Redeem gift card which puts credit into my "US account" I can buy a game that way from the XB1 console, right?

Just for the sake of clarification because I can't remember the last time I switched regions to buy a game. I want Ryse: Legendary Edition and for , it's hard to pass up.

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