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The following Web Method will be executed when the j Query AJAX call is made from client side.

This method accepts the User object from client side and then the Username and Password values are inserted in the database.

Close Set obj Conn = Nothing I thought it was refreshing the page but I inserted a session variable as a counter and it showed the page only displayed once. Both of yoru response.writes in that loop should always produce the same value since you dont call MOVENEXT until after both statements have been wrote. ================================================== ========= Read this if you want to know how to get a correct reply for your question: that from planoie's profile^^ ^^Modified text taken from gbianchi profile^^ ================================================== ========= Technical Editor for: Professional Search Engine Optimization with ASP.

EOF response.write "show me the object: " & obj RS("id")& "" dbl Trans_ID=obj RS("id") response.write "read next number gen: " & obj RS("id") & "" obj RS. Command Text="insert into part_trans(trans_id,part_id,cust_id,trans_date,tra ns_qty,trans_type,invoiced) values('" & dbl Trans_ID & "', '" & str Part_ID & "', '" & str Cust_ID & "', TO_DATE('" & dt Trans_Date & "','DD-MON-YYYY HH24: MI: SS'), '" & i Trans_Qty & "', '" & str Trans_Type & "', '" & str Invoiced & "')" obj Cmd.execute dbl Trans_ID = Cint(dbl Trans_ID) 1 This piece of code will update the table with 2 instead of 1 when it decides to fail. Command Text="update next_number_gen set id = '" & dbl Trans_ID & "' where table_name = 'part_trans'" obj Cmd.execute obj Conn. This will return the highest number in the datatable aleaviating the need for you to loop through a recordset.

In this article we create simple form about student details with password field.

Once the Add Controller Recipe is finished you will have a working ASP.The Add-Migration command creates another file in the Migrations Folder of our ASP.NET MVC 4 Project and the Update-Database command updates the database with the new Description and Price Columns as well as modifies the Title Column to be only 255 characters and not nullable. NET MVC 4 Database before and after issuing this Database Migration you will notice the effect.NET MVC 4 Website that reads and writes products to the Database using Entity Framework. Enabling database migrations creates a new Migrations Folder in your Visual Studio Solution as well as an Initial Create Target Migration that has both an Up and Down Migration.The Products Controller was created along with all actions and views that display, create, update, and delete products. The Up Migration creates the Products Table while the Down Migration drops the Products Table.

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