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This listing is based on reports from several discussion boards in 2009-2010 as well as a list prepared and maintained by c’t Magazine (German) (or via Google Translate).Where available I provide links to the manufacturers and possibly to stores where the drives are available.So we have created this page, so that you can easily found out the fix or correct article you’re looking for. You can’t install Windows while running in Audit Mode. Store, People, Mail And Calendar Apps not working in Windows 10 How to install apps to external drive in Windows 10? Something Happened On Our End” for Store App in Windows 10 “We Couldn’t Sign You In.

We Can’t Find The App” Error 0x80070002 For Windows Store Can’t open Windows Store app in Windows 8.1/10 Error 0x80072EFD – The Server Stumbled For Windows Store Settings App doesn’t opens or launches Store in Windows 10 We Weren’t Able To Connect To The Store.

The Pivot Plus does not list a hardware write protect switch on the website but does in the brochure; it also utilizes hardware-based encryption that may cause it to be incompatible with non-Windows systems.

Imation’s Swivel (Swivel Pro) line used to have a write protect switch but it appears to have been removed on the current versions.

It’s not clear to me whether this also applies to the Trek Stor drive; it’s possible that the early Hama drives were resold Trek Stor drives and the later ones are manufactured separately.

Imation has two product lines with write protection switches, the (now discontinued) and the Clip.

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These should be widely available online and might be available in some stores.

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