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You must still commit the changes back to the database in order to store them permanently. Conditions such as unique are applied through this class.Constraint objects are maintained through the Data Tables Constraints collection.Caching the data on the local machine is vital to performance of the application.Whenever possible you should not be using connected objects against a network shared database, the traffic is very expensive.This is key to how the Data Grid and other grid controls allow users to edit, commit, and cancel their changes in memory.A key concept often missed by developers is that changes to the Data Row even when they are "Accept Changes" calls are only committing them to the RAM copy of the database (The Data Set).

To examine the data in a specific column use the Item property of the appropriate Data Row object.

One interesting usage for this class is the Expression property.

This allows you to define how the data for this column is calculated.

You can then continue to examine the data without any further communication between the Data Table and the database.

This is important for scenarios where you want to work across a network share.

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You can lookup the columns in a row through an integer index, or by the name of the Column.

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