Updating fuses to breakers

If so, contact an electrician and have the electrical panel replaced with one that uses circuit breakers instead.Because fuses are considered a fire hazard, most insurance companies will not insure such a home.It meant all circuits were required to have RCD protection by law.

Older style units used fuses before the arrival of mini circuit breakers (MCBs), which feature a single horizontal row of fuses or MCBs.With the new style of consumer units, the need to replace wires or fuses is removed.They include “toggles” which just require flipping back up when they trip, and are also far more aesthetically pleasing than their older counterparts.If you’ve got an old style fuse box you’ll need to upgrade to a new consumer unit – that’s the more modern term for a fuse box or fuse board by the way – that’s fitted with Residual Circuit Devices (RCDs) and mini circuit breakers (MCBs).Modern fuse box replacements are designed to protect your socket circuits, and new consumer units are able to detect the tiniest of current changes.

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