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Paul, As it reads one would have to take it at face value and (I hate to say this) assume that it was rolled out across the board for all the nuvi updates.Even though my search was specific to the 760, the FAQ answer will show up at the top level search for "On The Road" products without selecting nuvi or a specific model number.Last modified on: 11/18/2012 link:modified 3/26/17 https://support.garmin.com/faq Search/en-US/faq/content/Us L6M...Frequently Asked Questions Do we know which version this is attached to?To ensure that your unit has the most up to date system software please use our Web Updater program.Last modified on: 06/03/2008 that much space, such as for music or audiobooks, you'll probably want to be sure you have a card reader for your computer that's USB 2, and that your computer has USB 2 ports as well.SD cards can be used to store files such as MP3 audio files, JPEG picture files,2 or supplemental mapping.All nuvi models will support SD cards up to 8GB in size.

It is much faster to write the same data when using other speed classes in an informal experiment.LMT stands for Life Maps and Traffic – so if you buy a such a device you will have free maps for life (life of the satnav ,not yours ).Get the gps , register it on Garmin website, make an account ,and get the latest updates for free .Following the same steps (choosing continent, region, country) you will get free maps that can be used as soon as you copy them to your satnav.Update: Garmin FAQ 10/16/2012 ----- Garmin ----- Question: What is the slot on the side of the nuvi used for?

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