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The 350 has a number of useless functions, that I naively thought would be useful, such as Language Tranlator, Travel Guides etc.The currency converter doesn't work worth a crap, as far as US/Canada exchange, but with the Cdn dollar almost at par with the US Dollar, it's hardly needed. As far as not having enought room on it for the new maps.If you want or need to have current maps, shop around for the liftime maps.A lifetime map will cost you less than upgrading twice and certainly less than a new GPS. A larger screen might be nice, but it also potentially creates a larger blind spot, on your windshield.To the original poster, if you bought the GPS in 2007 it probably came with 2008 maps at the latest.So in 3 years time, it is quite understandable that the roads have changed significantly in the last 3 years, regardless of how much was spent on the GPS unit.*NOTE: For download purchases, we will email you your activation code and download instructions as soon as your order is processed.

The 350 does not have sufficient internal memory, so I've added a 4G card to the unit, formatted as FAT.I also noticed that some new roads on the previous maps were not on but with the new maps they are on.Good Luck My 350 works great as far as directing me where I want to go.It was first and only time this happened to my 3 yr old unit.I live near in Philadelphia area and travel in south jersey often.

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