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This alone changed our total counters to this: Now the server caches 10 times as many files, and the disk is hardly doing anything!

(Especially the % Idle Time is important here, as it’s a pretty direct measurement of the end-user performance) However we still weren’t using that much memory, as many of our images are actually thumbnails at around 10 KB or less.

If you don’t want the story behind this, you can jump straight to the tuning instructions here.

At work we recently discovered some performance issues with our media server.

Whilst the server was indeed running very well, we anticipate a somewhat large increment in simultaneous online users, which in return means a higher load on the server. Since I could only increment the Object Cache TTL / Output Cache TTL, that’s what I did.Not content with that, I went ahead and doubled Object Cache TTL to 60 seconds.However this was today, and our primetime is during the evening, so my only measurements of this, are made with quite few users online.With the default setting of 30 seconds (but frequent Hit Threadhold set to 1) we we’re caching around 1.600 files on average.After changing the setting to 60 seconds, we’re caching around 6.000 files!

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