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Inter ministerial preparatory meetings were also conducted in which senior officer from the Prime Minister Office also participated.However, the said dialogue has been postponed due to an emergency in the family of the head of the Japanese delegation.With regards to rising debt servicing which is the key reason for the increasing budget deficit.

Currently, there are more than twenty (20) projects in education, health, energy, infrastructure, environment, security and water sectors for which both loans and grants are being provided by the Government of Japan.

Moreover, debt servicing was recorded at Rs.647 billion during first half of last fiscal year, therefore, provisional debt servicing number of Rs.625 is not unusual keeping in view the expected growth in revenue and GDP during 2017-18 and is lower than the last year.

It is also clarified with regard to reliance on short - term domestic and foreign borrowings has significantly increased the debt servicing cost.

By presenting these numbers, the article negate itself as it is evident that debt servicing numbers during first five months of current fiscal year are in accordance with the budget estimates and are expected to remain within the annual budget estimates.

Therefore, any claim that debt servicing is the reason for higher than budgeted fiscal deficit is not correct.

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