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Go ahead and make your playlist selections then click Start Auto Transfer to begin.

Everything will transfer and integrate seamlessly into i Tunes.

I recall it used to transfer purchases and artwork. I can confirm that Touch Copy will transfer purchased tracks as well as artwork that is stored to your tracks.

My backup was disorganized, no artwork, but more importantly, no purchases transferred which is a headache because I don't want to go through my cloud and download the ones I want to my computer then transfer. If Touch Copy is failing to transfer your purchases, please confirm that they are local to your device and not stored in i Cloud.

haha Once you have purchased Touch Copy, you will receive an activation code by email.

Please use this activation code to activate Touch Copy to the full unrestricted version by following the steps shown in our Touch Copy 16 Activation Guide. I was happy with it prior to my experience last night.

You'll see the the total tracks on your device, how many of those are already in i Tunes and how many are going to be transferred. By default, all of your playlists will be checked indicating that they will be rebuilt in i Tunes.I had tried multiple ways to transfer music from my old i Pod to my new one and got very frustrated and almost gave up. If the hard drive is damaged, Touch Copy may be unable to access the device or its contained files.None of my friends could help me and I'm not very tech savvy in the first place. I would recommend downloading the demonstration version as this enable you to see whether Touch Copy can access your device and which content can be copied if so.I've been waiting about 20 minutes and no result yet.I do have this little message: "Touch Copy could not load the required i Tunes information.

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You can either use our convenient drag-and-drop interface or export songs with the touch of a button.

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