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By the way, since Java 9 Oracle doesn’t provide 32-bit Java versions, so you can download Java 8 or install 64-bit Java 9.

Go to the official Oracle download page and click on the major version of Java (currently the newest version is Java SE 9.0.4) .

I have heard the terms Java Virtual Machine and JVM. The Java Virtual Machine is only one aspect of Java software that is involved in web interaction.

The Java Virtual Machine is built right into your Java software download, and helps run Java applications.

The JRE allows applets written in the Java programming language to run inside various browsers.

The Java Plug-in software is not a standalone program and cannot be installed separately.

In the scope of this article, I’ll explain to you how to install Java, how to update Java version and how to uninstall Java completely for 3 the most popular operating systems: Windows 10, Mac OS, and Ubuntu.

Installation consist of steps: Installing Java is different on Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu, so find a part related to your operating system and follow steps described there.

And the latest version of Java is successfully installed.When downloading is finished launch dmg file and double-click on the icon. Open Start menu and search for “Java”: Launch Check For Updates – this will open Java Control Panel on Update tab: Press Check Now and If updates are available installation will start: Press “Update” to update Java: So Java update is successfully installed.Go to System Preferences and click on Java icon on the bottom.Open Terminal (Alt Ctrl T) and execute: If a new version of Java is available it will be automatically installed.The removing Java is different in Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu, so find a guide related to your operating system below.

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