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Solaredge was a preferred inverter for battery systems because of DC currents used; the new Tesla 2 is supposed to have it's own inverter and uses AC output making the whole point moot and may disadvantage Solaredge.

The early optimizers all faulted between 2 – 5 years, but were replaced with updated version optimizers under warranty.

So my questions to you, if you would be so kind are: how many systems with Solar Edge optimisers; and inverters have you installed? So just a taxing of resources which they have put on more technicians to address. At the moment it is the LG Chem HV battery range and also the old Tesla PW1. The hybrid version does emergency off grid to selected circuits the standard Solar Edge inverter with external Stor Edge interface only allows nighttime and tariff coverage with batteries but no emergency off grid capability during an outage.

The inverter per phase limit on many networks will favour the Solar Edge DC coupled solution as there is only one inverter.

We live by the ocean and get a massive amount of salt spray, shade is not an issue for us.

I like the idea of Solaredge's individual power optimisers and the ability to monitor each panel's output and the ability for each panel to essentially work autonomously.

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So a bit of a mixed bag where they can potentially come from.

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