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Suppose a database application consists of the following two files: Students Db_(the front end) and Students (the Back end) . The linked table manager will now prompt you for the location.

The file Students Db.mdb( viz the Back end) is installed in the computer which has the identification Newpc on the network . Our back end database is installed in the folder C:\ My Documents of the computer which has the identification Newpc on the network . From Network Neighborhood we have to select Newpc and locate the folder C:\ My Documents.

The first step in setting up a linked table is to navigate to the Linked Tables dialog in Access.

From the menu bar, select inked Tables as shown below: By default, Microsoft Access will want to link to another Access database for it's Linked Table source.

I am using Northwind as a database source in this tip, so you will see below that I have selected all tables except for the date-specific table 'Category Sales for 1997' in the tables listing on the interface.

Once selecting the 'OK' button on the previous screen you will be prompted to select a 'Unique Record Identifier' for each table.

The database application is created by using Access as the front end (The part of the database application which has the User interface , Data entry forms, Reports etc) as well as the backend (The part of the database application which has the data) of the database application.You will be prompted again at this point when attempting to make use of the DSN.Select the appropriate security measures to authenticate to the data source referenced in the DSN and click the 'OK' button.If performance is not an issue, you may simply press the Cancel button throughout this process.The table linking will still complete successfully whether you set a Primary Key or not.

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