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Once you have installed Remote Update Manager on each client machine, you can invoke it remotely through command line or from remote management tools.

Remote Update Manager is meant only for a subsection of Adobe Desktop products.

The syntax for Remote Update Manager is as follows For the products listed in this page, use the --product Version parameter instead of --channel Ids.

Specifies the id for the product for which updates are to be deployed remotely.

You can specify one or more products by specifying their channel ids in a comma-separated list (ensure that there is no space between the comma and the channel id that follows it).

For a list of products and the corresponding channel ids, see Channel IDs for use with Adobe Remote Update Manager.

For example,--product Versions=SPRK#0.5.0 deploys the update for Adobe Experience Designer (Preview) 0.5.0.

You can create an update package and deploy it manually on the client machines.

Instead of deploying the updates manually, you can use Remote Update Manager, which polls Adobe Update server—or the local Adobe Update Server if setup using the Adobe Update Server Setup Tool (AUSST) —and deploys the latest updates available on update server to each client machine on which it is run.

If you do not specify a version (but only a product Id), updates for all the prod-uct versions installed on the client machine are deployed.

Ifyou do not provide this option, updates for all the productsinstalled on the client machine are deployed.

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