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With a communications plan, I don’t have to think – I just KNOW that when a certain date comes, this email has to go out, or that meeting has to take place – and my required communications to key stakeholders will be taken care of. In your team, who is the person responsible for crafting the information update to the stakeholder? Perhaps it’s your lead business analyst or test manager.

Make sure you indicate clear ownership so it’s clear who does what. I’ve also got a “Comments” column to store miscellaneous remarks about the piece of information published to the stakeholder.

Let’s take a look at each of the columns in my template. Here I store the date of the communication going out to my stakeholder.

Recording dates are important so that in your project calendar you know the specific times that a communication email or meeting should occur. I find that many, many project managers don’t write down a list of their stakeholders.

Below is a screenshot of my project communication template, which you can download here. no-frills template which has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in many of my past projects.

Once done up, you only need to review it say, every two weeks for updates.

There’s so much chaos, you don’t scan the horizon to see what is coming up and who to update.

Many of us keep to ourselves and do not explicitly approach stakeholders to and update them on what’s going on in projects. However, an introverted PM may slightly disadvantaged in terms of charisma and being able “grab the attention” of stakeholders.

Communications do not come so naturally to them – hence the need for structured communication plans to ensure updates get delivered to key stakeholders.

So trying to communicate to a large number of stakeholders is inherently difficult to do.

The other thing that derails our project management communication plans? As a project manager, you’re constantly assailed with tasks that require your attention.

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I think this is fine if you’re running a small project, but for large projects, knowing WHO your stakeholders are is absolutely critical. This is simply an additional field to the Stakeholder Name.

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