Updating server extensions

Read the extension Reference Name and Version from the output of the following cmdlet: Get-Azure VM –Service Name –Name | Get-Azure VMBGInfo Extension Get-Azure VM –Service Name –Name | Set-Azure VMBGInfo Extension –Reference Name –Version –Disable | Update-Azure VM Logoff/Login is required sometimes to disable Bginfo.

Note : If you are already a Bginfo user, then you might want to note that the Extension Version of BGfino does not support modifying Bginfo settings on the VM yet.

This blog is focused on how to add Extensions to a VM but in future blogs we’ll talk about the extension publishing process.

Currently there are two Iaa S VM Extensions published by Microsoft – BGInfo and VMAccess.

Once Bginfo is enabled, the VM desktop has a wallpaper like this: If you want to add it manually there is handy cmdlet Set-Azure VMBGInfo Extension.

Hopefully the blog so far has given you a peek into how VM Extensions can be used to turn on and turn off additional functionality on the VMs.

3)Installing via remote Power Shell etc 4) Update Management and health/status reporting using a combination of tools.

This is where VM Extensions simplifies VM Management.

VMAccess: If you have previously lost your Iaa S VM password, you know there is no way to recover it.

Similarly if the RDP settings of the VM are broken there is no easy way to fix it. For password VMAccess provides a mechanism for the user to get back on the VM by resetting the password and also user name.

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