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Turns out I needed to log into my US i Tunes account. No issues so far with any Apps however have noticed when double tap before you close an App there is a delay between the background disappearing and the foreground showing opaque which gives the appearance of a "bounce" which looks strange. However I think a lot of people now want to see a visual change as people are getting a bit sick of the same look on the home screen.Haven't noticed anything different this time around except it seemed to require more space than usual to install? Just wondering for those that are on Beta 7, whether they see the update?It can be a bit sketchy when it struggles to find the edges of what your subject is (a couple of flowers fell fowl of this) but otherwise it's pretty solid. I get the voice control screen coming up and then the phone locks. I'm on 10.1B2 and screen does not light up when I remove the phone from my ear.Like the home button and power button are working completely independently. Have to click the home button so I can see the screen and use the dial pad. Once I've clicked the home button once then the proximity sensor works and the screen turns on if I remove the phone from my ear My 6 Plus is running 10.1 (beta 3 I think) and my brand new 7 Plus is running 10.0.2.This means I can't restore my 6 plus backup to my new phone :(To make matters worse, my 7 Plus doesn't seem to pick up the 10.1 beta, even after installing, deleting and reinstalling the beta profile a number of times. Don't forget to delete the beta profile if you were only in it for portrait mode.I'll see what the next beta has to offer, and if it's anything worth getting in early on I'll just download the profile again.Perhaps sending the one without an attachment helped to get it started again. I'm not a photographer but have always had an interest, just haven't gotten around to learning the technical details.

You have an issue with me asking someone, who clearly doesn't mind?I submitted feedback and removed all attachments, that worked.Then I canceled the previous one and resubmitted it and it went through.FYI if you have a sound issue after the portrait mode crashs just reboot the iphone 7 plus and its all good agian. The public beta is released so soon after the developer one!Thanks, glad you like them :) It's making me glad that I chose the 7 as I've really enjoyed using the portrait mode. I then updated to what I thought was the official i OS 10 release but the feedback app is still there. Also, I've got serious issues with screen capturing. It will work fine for days one end then I'll try and do a screen grab and it doesn't work. I then updated to what I thought was the official i OS 10 release but the feedback app is still there. Has the proximity sensor issue in the phone app been fixed?

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