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Many, perhaps most, of those machines won't be discarded or upgraded by April. Here's what to do People who absolutely must use Windows XP for some reason, such as to run specialized software not available for later versions of Windows, or perhaps because they can't afford a new PC, should take several precautionary steps. XP users should switch from Internet Explorer to third-party browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Miller said.Both browsers will support XP, and continue to receive patches, beyond April."Because IE [Internet Explorer] is part of the OS, the day support stops for Windows XP is the day it stops for IE," he said."That's your connection to the Internet, and it's your first vector of infection." — Ditch Outlook Express. "I would also avoid using [the business application] Outlook 2003, which will pass away on the same day." Outlook Express fans might want to consider the Mozilla Thunderbird email client or shifting all email to a Web-based service, such as Gmail or Microsoft's own If an XP user doesn't already have a robust anti-virus software product, he or she should install one right away.Free anti-virus software is fine, but paid is better.Most anti-virus software makers will support XP until 2016.However, Miller thinks people who purchased PCs running Windows XP around the time the Vista operating system shipped in 2007 could probably upgrade those machines to Windows 7 or even Windows 8."Even though they shipped with XP, they actually met the low bar for Vista, which was really good for Windows 7 and, honestly, is pretty acceptable for Windows 8," Miller said.

Still, something between 20 and 30 percent of PCs worldwide were running Windows XP in December 2013.Linux applications can open most old Windows files, but you won't be running Windows at all. If you've decided on upgrading away from Windows XP, should you buy a new PC, or upgrade the operating system on an old one?Kay said it would make more sense to just buy a new PC.Microsoft regularly releases major updates to their Windows operating systems.Traditionally those updates are service packs, but more often these days, they're semi-regular and significant updates via Windows Update.

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