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The big, clunky violin shaped bottle that I got for less than a tenner didn't do a lot to convince me otherwise. More than that, I soon discovered that I love Tabu.

Such a warm, rich fragrance, with a cola note for sure, but it doesn't detract from the perfume.

As i said at the beginning is impossible to forget,is very elegant,it makes me think about a very refined and confident lady with lots of jewelry. I love the controversy, the history, the vibe, the memories and images it evokes, the beautiful blend of so many of my favorite notes, the color, the violin bottle, the price.

I've reviewed Tabu before but I inexplicably feel the need to say even more about this beloved fragrance of mine because I love it so!

Now, the climate is becoming hot and humid, I am quite enjoying the dust powder which is scented lighter than other items.

The warmth of this fragrance makes it ideal for the colder season but i enjoyed wearing Tabu also during summer,i love spices all year long.

I'll start out the day wearing one fragrance, and end up ending the day with Tabu.. :) This is the Tabu experience: I'm wearing a dab of patchouli and a dusting of baby power while enjoying a root beer float that probably contains some liqueur and I'm making clove orange pomanders.

Tabu has been around longer than I have so I've had a lot of years to decide whether or not I like it. Very grounding scent for cold weather that won't break the bank.

It's one of the few that lasts all day on me as well, which is an added plus for my notoriously perfume-devouring skin.

I have so many perfumes, some rather expensive that I should be using more, but I always come back to Tabu as my favorite.

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