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Health care personnel should assume that every person is potentially infected or colonized with an organism that could be transmitted in the health care setting and apply the following infection control practices during the delivery of health care.

Standard Precautions are also intended to protect the HCW and patient from picking up infectious agents from each other and from the environment and equipment used during patient care.

Nonlatex is preferred due to increasing incidence of patients and HCWs with latex allergies. Adenovirus can live for several days, and HBV can live for seven days in a dried state. Factors like temperature, humidity, the amount of germs present, the availability of nutrients, and type of surface also affect a microorganism's lifespan. This document provides guidance for all three modes of transmission; however, this will primarily focus on those pathogens that are transmitted via contact. Pathogen transmission can occur in three ways: airborne (e.g., tuberculosis [TB], measles, varicella, disseminated herpes zoster); droplet (e.g., strep throat, pertussis, common cold, influenza, mumps, some pneumonias); and contact (e.g., adenovirus, HSV, common cold, influenza, MRSA, vancomycin-resistant enterococci [VRE], herpes zoster, HIV, HBV, HCV).

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This document incorporates federal regulations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, current research and literature, professional organization recommendations and standards, and equipment manufacturers' cleaning and disinfection instructions.

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