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"You needed to understand how the track condition was - of course in that line [it] was dry but I [took the] wet patch, locked the front, released the brakes.

He [did] this with me on Saturday morning - and today in the race he [went] straight to four riders, because he [does this] purposely. So if you start to play like this, you raise the level to a very dangerous point, because if all the riders race like this, without any respect for rivals, this is a very dangerous sport and [it will] finish in a bad way." Rossi, a veteran of 17 full seasons in the premier class and currently riding his 22nd season of Grand Prix racing, went one step further by admitting that the prospect of racing directly against Marquez is one that makes him fear for his safety."This is a very bad situation, because he destroyed our sport, because he [doesn't] have any respect for his rivals, never," Rossi said."When you go 300kmh on the track, you have to have a respect for your rival, you have to be strong, you have to make the maximum, but [doing it] like this is over."If you take what's happened this weekend - one by one, can happen to everybody.You can make a mistake in braking, you can touch the other guy - [this] happens - this is racing.

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