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the second lead was a far better actor than the main lead. Combined with that if the writer had trolled us by giving the second lead a more interesting story arc and yet STILL given the girl to the main lead - yes, I’d be upset too. I feel there is something lose or missing about the story.But both these above scenarios are not applicable in the case of Jealousy Incarnate. i talk about something that make Na ri forget her story with Jung Won and choose Hwa Shin.This is just the usual second lead the ‘perfect’ guy and main lead ‘needing growth’ stuff.If you have been watching enough dramas that’s just STANDARD rom-com trope. Shouldn’t you be literally hating on every other rom-com then?Also loved her in Master's Sun where at least Joong-Won had an understandable reason for being so mean at first but he was so good and kind to her by the end. They did not overdid and too dramatic in their characters. This series should be just focus about the love between 3 main characters, i love the 3 main casts. The story is enjoyable and i like the lead actors and actress. The chemistry between the leads are really impressive. Everyone in the drama such as the leads, the casts, the crews, the PD and the screen writer really did their best and work together so well. As a devoted fan of K-Drama myself, I begin to feel sick of those boring unrealistic first male lead. I'm really impress by the chemistry both lead actor and actress!! Cho Jung Sook and Kong Hyo Jin, the PERFECT MATCH of the Year!Plus Kong-Sil (GHJ's character in Master's Sun) grew to have strong self regard and became very accomplished in her own rights toward the end. A good drama, but it's really sad to see almost all the korean, actually, almost in all the word, the male leaders been soo rude, and selfish. I also love the other characters as well because they complement each others. the rest actors & story i'd say im not interested.. The story about daily life and love around the broadcasting station always nice to watch, gave me depiction about how to work at broadcasting station. This is one of the best romantic comedy drama I have ever watched. Having this drama in K-dramaland is like experiencing rain in the desert. I really really love the captious Lee Hwa Shin who looks arrogant and frequently blabs around, but deep down inside is insecure and have a soft spot. Great job to Kong Hyo Jin, Cho Jung Seok, Ko Kyung Po, the other actors and actresses as well as the behind the scene team!! I hesitated but don't regret watching it again because I believed in the capability of main leads! After the last scene of the final drama, my heartache and feel like crying.

You don't see him but fans will recognize his voice and know what he meant when talking about their "goldfish":. It was really fun and the comedy literally made me laugh out loud. Also the characters are awesome and could really stand as their own. For any drama enthusiasts debating whether to watch it or not, I say watch it and you can thank me later!

This is not a good role model for the boys and girls watching. But it's like all the bad things that they do has a justification and the girl must have accept EVERYTHING to be with him. I think this was the first kdrama that I watched continuously, i don't feel bored at all! Thanks to everyone who's behind this such an amazing film. And think Na-Ri and Lee Hwa Shin should really date in real life. Congratulation oppa and unnie for the awards you have achieved.... It makes the character looks believable and more realistic. The drama is cliche in the surface, but it's actually refreshing and has its own charms. I think Na ri is lucky to have a man like Hwa shin, but on second thoughts he can also be very cold and unbearable. Still can't move on and it's like breaking up with someone you love.

I really disappointed, you two should win the best couple category award, but you didn't. Never thought I would like comedy as much as this one. Over all, beside the first male lead character, I love almost all of this drama elements. That is why he belongs to Na ri because she can withstand his temper. Although this drama had ended, I rewatch it as it feels like the first time I'm watching it. This drama really makes me curious about a lot of things and it keeps me thinking too. Watching each of the episodes felt like very short and even they have 24 episodes, I can't get enough. I never been affected by kdrama before but this drama is very exceptional. I will rewatch and rewatch until I get bored or rewatch them to death. I feel very empty, devastated, heartbroken, heartache and sad when this drama end.

Jo Jung Suk is a faaaaar better actor and his character/ story arc was waaaaay more interesting than the second lead’s ever was. So people out there, do not let the comparatively lower ratings keep you away from the drama. from the first trailer, i'm waiting for Jo jung suk (Hwa Sin) for this drama. Feels like forced and stories Nari and Jungwon just something without meaning, whereas we can see in some prevous episode of their stories are very cool.

The rating in NO way reflects the quality of the drama, it just reflects the resentment of some miffed second lead shippers! "I dream of a world where minorities can be happy." Not but not least, beautiful cast. I am Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri fan, i have negative comments to Jung Won, but if PNR would end up with Jumg Won, never in my mind that I would wish for this Drama's rating to become lower, too bad for people who does not know etiquettes, Anyways, good, I have heard that PNR end up with Hwa Shin. But after watch 1st episode, my heart just went to Go Kyong Po (Jung Won). I think its the reason why somepoeple complaint and found strange.

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But I don’t get the hate the show is receiving just because of that.

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