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By the time a dark night came in late May 1861, the moon had waxed and waned three thousand times over slavery in the South.To protect slavery, Virginia had just seceded from the United States, choosing a side at last after six months of indecision in the wake of South Carolina’s rude exit from the Union.But the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a bureau of the federal government created by President Franklin D. To put people back to work after they had lost their jobs in the Great Depression, the WPA organized thousands of projects, hiring construction workers to build schools and artists to paint murals.

Davis stayed a week, but then he had to keep running.The blue-coated soldiers of the Army of the Potomac were hot on his trail.When they got to Danville, they didn’t find the fugitive rebel.Anchoring a few miles upriver, they had founded Jamestown, the first perma- nent English-speaking settlement in North America.Twelve years later, the crews of two storm-damaged English privateers also passed, seeking shelter and a place to sell the twenty-odd enslaved Africans (captured from a Portuguese slaver) lying shackled in their holds.

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On the porch of number 513, he rearranges the notepads under his arm.

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