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There are recommendations for nuclear communication throughout the podcast, and a Q&A at the end with Rod and fellow proponents Margaret Harding, Meredith Angwin, and Suzy Hobbs-Baker.

The plan is to follow up with a second podcast, a more narrowly focused roundtable discussion among the five of us on nuclear power outrage management.

Nonetheless, the time comes in most risk communication efforts when you’ve got to explain the data.

Presented to the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority, Sydney Australia, February 2, 2016 This three-hour video (and audio) is the entire first morning of a 1-1/2-day risk communication seminar I presented in February 2016 for the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority.

GHD, an Australia-based engineering and environmental consulting firm, brought me to Australia for this and other events.

(See “Working Toward a Legacy.”) But while I was there I also gave a number of class presentations and one public presentation, which was videotaped.

I offered my hosts a choice of half a dozen presentation topics, and they asked me to combine them all into a potpourri of interesting risk communication pointers.

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