Validating calendar dates in textbox asp

Since by the wording of your post, you are using SPs (which is the best way) then there will be some coding involved which may seem confusing at first, but once you do it, you will get it. I just did a search in Google with "sorting a gridview without datasource controls" You will see many blogs and examples and even some youtube videos.

Then I would extract the textbox's value, use the split() method to break apart the values on the comma and then validate each "date" separately.

I have about 3 date fields, that are calendar pop up fields ((icon) next to the textbox that user presses, calendar pops up and can select value), which seems to be working fine.

What is also working fine is validation of other fields ensuring no fields are blank before submit. Personally, I would avoid all of that and just force the user to use the calendar popup. I have been staring at this thing to long and it didn't even dawn on me to think like that.

The only thing left to do is perform validation of date fields. = "") { string str Script = " - Main page------------------------------ //style sheets not added to code and just snippet of relevant code added Thanks so much everyone, you will be tremendous help. If you have a calendar pop up that populates the field, then it should already be valid. then make the textbox field readonly so they cannot edit it. So works perfectly, however, in thinking about this further, what I still need now is to say: if the date chosen for Date1 is greater then current date then give me an error..

This includes checking to make sure date format is right, field is not blank and only alphanumeric characters are added. I don't want to change what I am using here (don't want to use Ajax calendar control etc). If you are going to allow the user to manually change it then just use the standard validation controls. "date 1 cannot be greater than current date" if date2 is less then date 1 give me an error "date 2 cannot be less then date 1" if date 3 is less than Date2 or date1, then "project has already started" On another note, and please tell me is I have to start another thread, I need to induce sorting on my gridview: for each field listed on the form, I have created the following: To validate the dates chosen, there are a couple of ways you can do it.

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