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The Employer Shared Responsibility rule requires employers to file annual information returns with the IRS and send summary statements to employees to verify that the “minimum essential coverage” is being met.

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Relaying usually requires authentication or you can specify the IP addresses of certain hosts to be given open relay permissions but it should never be given to all addresses or your server will be turned into a slave for spammers in a few days.

There are those shadier ilk of the internet who scan tons of IP space looking for open relay servers to abuse (push spam through) since they will deliver mail to anywhere on behalf of anyone. if in your tests you were not using the same destination address both times you tested (with and without the bogus From address) then it could explain the differences.

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We have a Xerox 4150 printer, with Scan to Email functionality that stopped working.

With efile ACAforms, you can input that data as it is completed and submit the forms, mail and e-file when you are ready.You are right that a stock Exchange 2003 server should not differentiate at all or care about the FROM address in the emails from the scanner (I have setup plenty of copiers sending to Exch 2003 with bogus addresses).Now if you are passing through the firewall with SMTP scanning then it's possible that it's doing a variety of "valid sender" checks.That must be why I could put any email address that I make up into the 'From' Address on the Printer, and it will work."That must be why I could put any email address that I make up into the 'From' Address on the Printer, and it will work" You should only be able to specify any From address as long as the email is destined to a domain the exchange server is authoritative for. Relay would be if you could specify any From and any To address.

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In "[email protected]," the local part of the email address is "user," and the domain part is "" If you add these up, you arrive at 320—but not so fast.

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