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Also, how can i make sure that the user can only access the other pages by starting from the first page.

So if they try to go to the url of the page which shows the customer information without first going through the first main page then an error message pops up.

Regarding the styling, yes I have applied a css style to my control, but it is fairly limited in providing a 'more' visually stimulating summary text. setting seperate styles for the header text (maybe adding a background colour for the header text too), etc... I heven't used the Validation Summary control much but there is an On Load event. As for the CSS, the Validation Summary control renders itself inside a table so you could easily set a style for the first row and then a seperate style for each other row (it will make it easier if you wrap the control inside a "div" element and give it an id as you can then specify this in your CSS). It seems as though the summary control is contained within a div, not a table. Oh well, it was more of a passing interest that a requirement to style the summary text. Why does it matter if the focus happens client or server side?

I am not too worried about the styling issue, I merely brought it up in hopes that I may get some valuable replies. Yes, I did think of the page load and onload event, however, I think these are server side rather than client side solutions.ca8msm, the table thing sounds very promising indeed, I will look into this now and post results. Will be googling to try and find more info on setting focus of the control. In order for the validationsummary control to become visible, a post back has to happen.

Form(radio Button Name) = "Customer Number" Then If Is Numeric(Request.

Sub Test() Dim Cell As Range For Each Cell In Active Sheet. But I have resolved everything, solution: The first thing I did was I changed the Next thing I did was encapsulate my summary control within a div called valsummary.I then created a 'dead' a link in it which I could then use to set focus too.I will try out your recommendation and see what comes up. Hey all; I finally got the focus working on my validation summary text.I ran into a few hurdles, one being the fact that divs don't support the focus command.

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So that is why I suggested placing a javascript function in the page, that is fired each time the page loads.

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