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BURLINGTON - Imagine if you went to your local hospital's emergency room for chest pains, or if you took a suicidal family member there for treatment.The next thing you know, you're being kept overnight against your will, with hospital officials saying they think you are suicidal or a threat to others.

When the producer went to the Oakland airport for a second time without a wallet or any form of documentation at all, she was brought to the side of the security line to answer additional questions but less than twenty minutes later, she was allowed to proceed to her flight.

Her suit also claims these were all done against her will, even though Hensley's hospital records indicate she consented.

While Hensley she acknowledges expressing frustration with her work situation and that sometimes she "sometimes felt like punching" a co-worker causing her problems, she claims she did not express any suicidal or violent tendencies.

In a filing in the first case, hospital lawyers denied falsifying documents and denied most of the claims, saying they couldn't determine the veracity of some of the facts. The law is not clear on who gets to make that determination, however.

Usually, hospital personnel are given broad authority, especially since there have been several cases of individuals who have been held and then released only to commit suicide or another violent act soon thereafter.

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