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Validator Walk-Through It's Not Voluntary Getting Regular Comparing Apples and Apples Custom Fit The Finale Sample Code Validating user input is a common scenario in a Web-based application.

For production applications, developers often end up spending a lot more time and code on this task than we would like. NET page framework, it was important to try and make the task of validating input a lot easer than it has been in the past.

I was then being told that this is off-topic and I need to initiate a new string.

So did I,this morning when I escaped my own perfect logic i.e.([A-Z][a-z]*) I have started another string with the similar question(not realizing my previous string is still open) and now my post has been locked and I am being told that I need to close this string first.

This is a taxing process for end users, developers, and servers alike.

This is my first ever post to any forum, please help. I have used ([A-Z][a-z]*) to validate my text fields.In HTML 3.2, validating data is a difficult process.Each time you get a request, you need to write code to check the input and write any errors the user has made back to the page to help the user to correctly fill in the form.Large data entry pages generally have an area where all errors are listed.The Validation Summary automatically generates this content by gathering it up from validator controls on the page. It exposes the all-important "Is Valid" property, which you check in server code to determine if all of the user input is OK.

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