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Here, are 5 XML Viewer applications, available for free.An XML Viewer is simply a software program that lets you open and view XML files.from the context menu of an existing plug-in or its manifest file.By default, this takes all the plug-ins from the workspace and the target environment, and start a runtime Eclipse with these plug-ins.

Using an existing run configuration is a common source of frustration and time consuming error analysis.

Adapters help to display information about objects in view without having to adjust the existing views.

In this example we will create a small view which allows to select objects and use the properties view to display them.

If a plug-in is available in the workspace and the target environment, the one from the workspace is used.

If you are developing Eclipse RCP applications, the launch configuration is created based on the product configuration file.

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If you plan to add functionalities to the Eclipse platform, you should download the latest Eclipse release.

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