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Sometimes the drive is detected, sometimes it's not.Sometimes the SE boots all the way to the Finder without a problem. I'm a single 47 yr old woman that is affectionate, kind, loving and romantic as heck.

Sometimes I can launch an app and run it without issue, but then the whole machine hangs when I exit the app.

I've seen a few solid state alternatives online before, although they've been too expensive for me to take the plunge.

The closest I ever came to bitting the bullet was when I saw Aztec Monsters hit e Bay for 0.

See, this is why you shouldn't throw anything away!

With 16GB and 32GB SD cards as the norm, what good is a 2GB card? A 2GB card in a 15MP camera is useless, but a 2GB hard drive in a Mac SE? First order of business was opening up the SE and removing the old drive.

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