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"Usually in front of the microphone, fright comes up and steals a bit of your performance, you know? " His influence shows up in her phrasing, she says, in the way she "swims in the melody". On one track, "Ds Que Je Te Vois", I keep thinking I can hear something suggestive. " she laughs, showing those gappy teeth, the imperfection that makes her perfection bearable. I'm not even a man and still I practically need resuscitating. She reminds me of Kate Moss, but because Moss was Depp's last girlfriend before Paradis, I dismiss that thought as unchivalrous.

A tiny hand and a purposeful handshake; long, wavy mousy hair and the high forehead of a medieval beauty, maybe a Van Eyck Madonna. The one-time creative director of Chanel's advertising, Jean-Paul Goude, said that she reminded him of the cartoon character so much he dreamt up a TV advert for her in 1991 in which she rocked on a perch in a gilded cage, squawking and splashing and basically taking a bird bath in a bottle of Coco Chanel. She still models for Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld dresses her for the Oscars, but today she is wearing practical, dark, layered clothes, purple on black, like an exceptionally glamorous stagehand. A shot of her with Johnny Depp used to be "unsaleable" in France, according to a paparazzi agency, because they would systematically sue. Desire, it's a beautiful thing." Indeed, and the song seems to describe love at first sight.

These days she feels she has converted the animosity, the abuse, into something positive.

"I guess, you know, today there are more people that agree that I have a bit of a talent and a reason for being in this business.

It doesn't seem appropriate to drag it all out with her here in a hotel room (our entire interview is a carefully patrolled half an hour), but knowing what she's been through gives her words about the torture of her teenage years resonance.

Women gave you a hard time, I say "Oh, but men too," she says quickly, wryly.

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