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She said she loves Vanessa and cannot imagine life without her. Vanessa spoke about her love and devotion to her girlfriend many times while in the house.Vanessa appeared at the wrap party wearing a flashy, gorgeous ring showing off her new engagement.

My already super doubtful and skeptical side gets ramped up to, like, 100.Since the beginning in the Big Brother house, Vanessa has kept a lot about herself a secret.From the start, she lied about who she is and what assets she brings to the table. She told the other houseguests she’a a DJ when, in fact, she’s Vanessa is the second highest ranked female poker player in the country.It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to her fans she was thrilled with the proposal.Vanessa was eliminated during the final week in “Big Brother 17.” She came in third place, just shy of winning K at least.

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But there is one thing that I know for sure about Vanessa: She is totally in love with her girlfriend. Unlike a number of players who dropped their boos to come on the show free of baggage, Vanessa kept her love going strong.

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