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The successful conquest of Italy gave Rome access to a manpower pool unrivalled by any contemporary state and led the way to the eventual Roman domination of the entire Mediterranean world.

I believe Dryden's comment warrants deeper consideration.

Considered in this ritualistic light, Dryden's much-studied satires can be seen, I think, in new and significant relief.

For example, Dryden's invective strategy against the two main satiric targets of his works, Shadwell and Shaftesbury, takes on an even keener cultural immediacy and punch than previously thought.

Second, Dryden himself will be placed within the cultural context of carnival in Restoration...

The Roman conquest of Italy was the result of a series of conflicts in which the city-state of Rome grew from being the dominant state in Latium to become the ruler of all of Italy.

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The purpose of this essay is straightforward: to suggest that the relationship between Dryden's two poems and Varronian satire is, in fact, more extensive than initially meets the eye.

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