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Setting up a simple WPF Window with some Text Boxes and binding them is easy in XAML once you get the knack for remembering the syntax ;-).

The key is to make sure you specify the Validates On Data Errors attribute on the Binding and set it to True.

Error Template property and its Value to our very own Control Template.

For instance, if we have a customer Data Table we can write validation for the Last Name field like so: If you’re building our own custom business objects or are using LINQ to SQL classes then it’s up to you to implement the IData Error Info interface yourself.

Notice that there’s no more red border: Okay a pretty lame example, I admit.

The problem (besides being a sarcastic message) is that the Text Block is really covering the control and you have to hover over the edge to get the Tool Tip to display.

It’s relatively easy to do this type of animation in WPF using Storyboards (and it’s REALLY easy to create animations in Expression Blend so I highly recommend you have a look at that product if you’re making the transition to WPF).

This time we’ll create an Ellipse and set up an Event Trigger for the Loaded event to begin our animation which will simply toggle the Visibility property of the Ellipse a few times.

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