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Na Rokrok em i kirap na rausim han bilong en na em i isi na tok yes.Wanpela de Rokrok i kirap long moning taim tru na redim kaikai.Mipela tokim yupela olgeta grup olsem yupela yet yumas painim kar o bot o balus o narapela wei bilong vukam igo long So.Canberra: Australian National University, 1985) is the standard textbook for speakers of English.110 Dictionaries of Tok Pisin The Oxford Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin-English Dictionary, which appeared in 2008, contains both Tok Pisin-Englsh and English-Tok Pisin sections, provides a wealth of examples of word usage and is relatively inexpensive.Em i bin kaikai kaukau bilong en na em i bin lusim kaukau bilong man bilong en long sit bilong paia.Long apinun Rokrok i kam bek long pies na kukim gen kaikai.Snake's legs were curled around the posts of the house.

5.2.1 (long) taim ('when/while/whenever') (Long) taim mi stap wantaim Kenia, em i hatwok nogut tru.Needless to say, the many errors of fact and interpretation which surely remain in the pages which follow are not theirs but my own." Frog was shy and she covered her face with her hands.Mi no inap go long opis* tede bikos/bilonq wanem mi gat sik pekpek wara.Taim solwara i bagarap na olgeta pis na ol arapela laip insait tu i dai, yumi ol manmeri sawe stap arere na antap long solwara bai kisim bikpela bagarap na sampela i dai.

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